At the elementary school...

Our summer program is 5 weeks full of FUN! Enjoy a summer filled with creating friendships, trying new things and having a BLAST! Students get to participate in building with legos and connects, decorating Back Packs, multiple STEAM activities, team building games, helping out in our community, and so much more!


At the middle school...

        The Middle School SYC Summer Program has combined forces with SAU56 and Title 1 for another year to create a summer learning program that is unparalleled across the state!


        The summer experience is based on the 8 aspirations from the Quaglia Institute including: (1) Sense of Belonging, (2) Leadership and Responsibility, (3) Spirit of Adventure, (4) Sense of Accomplishment, (5) Heroes, (6) Confidence to Take Action, (7) Fun & Excitement, (8) Curiosity & Creativity.


        We incorporate numerous elements of social emotional learning, literacy, math, and experiential learning to create an enriching and fun summer for our students!