Go Topperbots!

Robotics Team

SYC sponsors the SMS Robotics Team, the “Topperbots”, who build robots to compete to complete challenges using the VEX Robotics system. This year we had over a dozen students participating in teams to engineer robots. Students had to show grit and determination, as well as superior planning and innovation skills during the design process. When one design doesn’t work, it’s back to the drawing board, with students often making modifications from week to week.

Lilly Drown and Karter Brogan, together “Somersworth Alpha”, practiced multiple times a week, and made changes to the design of their robot very regularly, constantly looking to create a better robot! Their hard work certainly paid off when they received the award for most original design at the regional meet. Then again paid off when they came in 3rd place in the state and

2nd place out of middle school teams at the state meet!

They weren’t the only duo to take home a trophy! The Topperbot coaches, Matt Gerding (6th grade math and science) and Ginny Hahn (7th grade math) won the “Coach of the Year” award for their incredible dedication and passion they have for their students and the STEM sport!

Congratulations to all the students who participated in robotics this year who all worked very hard and performed incredibly!

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