SYC Summer at the Middle School

Summer has been crazybusyfun so far!

There has been so much going on that we've had such little time to share it with you here! We hope that your student has been telling you about their day, and not just saying, "it was good"... but that wouldn't surprise us, because we are sure we are wearing them out!

The weather has been pretty cooperative so far, which has been awesome! We spend a lot of time outside in the heat, but luckily we also have an air conditioned café to catch a break in! Check out some of the things we have done!


Twice a week we have been working on garden projects around the school and at Bartlett Ave Plant for Growth Garden. We have cleaned it up, done some planting, and lots of watering and weeding! This year we are fortunate to have an Intern from UNH who is joining us on Tuesdays at the garden, and bringing some fun and heatlhy food for students to taste test. This is part of her final research project, where her goal is to showcase that when students are part of the process of growing healthy foods, they are more likely to eat them as well. In order to be part of the research project all students must have a release form signed... if you haven't signed it, please do so HERE!


This week students also started a mural project in collaboration with The Gathering Place where students are working in groups to design a puzzle piece that represents them or something special about Somersworth. This mural will *hopefully* be hung downtown Somersworth for the community to see! #communityart

Somersworth History

One of SYC Summer's biggest continuing initiatives is to provide students with a sense of place, and a sense of pride in Somersworth, which involves having some background knowledge about Somersworth. Each student is in a group of their choice with a topic that they have been charged with looking deeper into. One group is looking into some of the most historic disasters that have happened in the city. Another group is looking into some mysteries, such as murders! While another is researching some of the plays and theater performances of old, hoping to perform one for you! You can see the final presentations from these projects (and others) at the Summer Celebration event and dinner for families on Wednesday, August 1st at 5pm.

Stay tuned next week for more updates about field trips, and the times where the kids just get to be kids and goof off.. this is a summer camp after all! Check out some pics now!

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