Did you receive our email blast?

Middle school parents... did you receive the email below? If not.. please check it out for some updates and important info! Also, please send me your email address :) cdonohue@sau56.org

Dear SYC Parents,

SYC is in full swing! We are approaching the end of the fifth week of school, fourth week of SYC, and third week of enrichments! Hopefully your student is adjusting to the new school year well, and is enjoying SYC after school. You are receiving this email because your student is signed up for SYC, if they have not attended yet, please feel free to contact me with any questions or concerns, we’d love to see them! It’s never too late or the wrong time to start coming to SYC! Also, students are encouraged to come on the days that work for their schedules and/or we offer clubs that they are interested in, no need to come every day! SYC at the middle school is always free!

WINTER IS COMING. As winter approaches, we would like to remind parents that there are two ways to stay informed if SYC is cancelled… Email and the Remind App. If you are receiving this email, you will be notified by email if SYC is cancelled due to snow. You may also sign up for Remind to receive a text notification- CLICK HERE to sign up. Either way, please fill out THIS GOOGLE FORM so we know how to direct your student. Typically, the superintendent and school admin will make the decision to cancel afterschool activities before noon, and students are notified and reminded throughout the remainder of the day.

Enrichments. Every day we offer a handful of enrichments/clubs.. for a full list, please check out our website www.somersworthyouthconnection.org/middleschool ! Now that enrichments are in full swing we ask that students remain committed to what they signed up for, however we will offer a new set of enrichments in just a few more weeks! We change up our enrichment schedule every 7 weeks, or what we call a “session” of enrichments. You and your student are encouraged to tell us what you would like us to offer!

This year, ELS Zone is offered as an optional service for students. Every day we offer a drop-in zone for students who decide to take advantage of the extra academic support from qualified professionals. Also, parents and students can register to commit to certain days of the week. If you have not registered or seen our ELS form, please click HERE to download.

Please check our website and our facebook page for updates on SYC happenings so you always know what we are up to!

Coty Donohue

Site Coordinator, Middle School

Somersworth Youth Connection

21st Century Community Learning Centers

Somersworth School District

Phone: (603) 969-9610


Facebook and Instagram: @somersworthyouth

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