Starting the Year Off Right!

Students Make Blankets: For Babies!

All students who attended SYC during the first week of the new year participated in a week of team building, fun, games, and community service. Students were divided into four groups, based on the randomly chosen Jolly Rancher, and stayed with these groups for a number of activities. Therfore, students were put into groups with people other than their friends that they might otherwise cling to.

One of the most fun team building activities of the week was the "treasure hunt". During the treasure hunt, students had to follow 10 clues that led them through a different path than other groups, to the end. The group that finished first won glowsticks and an iPad pass.

The week's worth of team-building was also accompanied by community service. The project: making blankets for the maternity ward at Wentworth Douglass Hospital. Every student grouped up with one or two other students to create baby blankets made of fleece. Look out for press soon!

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