New Clubs Begin!

Middle School New Exciting Clubs/Enrichments Begin

SYC officially began its second enrichment session for the year. Every seven weeks throughout the year we offer a number of new clubs in order to offer the most fun and dynamic program that keeps students engaged and having fun! Here's a glimpse of some of the clubs at the middle school:

Paint 'n Skate

In this enrichment students will design, paint, and assemble their own skateboards, then have a few lessons on them too! Here, the students have only begun to DRAFT how they want to design their boards.

Sole City Dance

Middle school and elementary school students have had the opportunity to sign up to be part of a dance team at Sole City Dance. SYC has collaborated with Sole City to receive a grant that covers the cost of classes, transportation, as well as uniforms for dedicated dancers! Students sign up for 14 weeks of dance classes, where they will learn two styles of dancing 1) Street Jazz 2) Free Form

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